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In 2014,We met a America customer on the Canton Fair. This customer’s company sell massager products on Amazon,so they has strict requirements for the design of product and package,the quality and the price of the products.During the period,the customer visited our factory and decided to design new mould of foot massager to sell. Then we started to design product and produced sample,sent the product test report and the factory inspection to the customer. After five months of contact,the customer finally gave us a trial order.We ensured the quality and delivery of our products to keep our promises to our customers, although the first order was small. As we expected,it was not long before the client made a formal order. And the order quantity is biger and biger.


In 2016,We received an inquiry from alibaba. He was looking for a new design vibration plate. Because we have many styles of vibration plate,he liked a music vibration plate. Then we gave our quotation to the customer immediately, He was sastified with the price,but we hadn’t the PSE certificate at that time. After clarfying the customer’s purchase intention,we started to supply certificate. We sent sample to him after we got certificate. Although it spent some time, we cooperated finally.




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