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Happy Life,Beautiful Life, Heathy Life

we devote ourselves to develop high quality vibrations plate, which be suitable for home and office use. Vibration therapy is effective method to lose weight and keep in shape.

We devote ourselves to develop high quality foot/leg massager, massage therapy is good for keep healthy and eliminate fatigue.


Vibration plate has some functions, shiatsu therapy can dredge the meridian, increase the blood flow and eliminate fatigue. Magnet therapy can dredge the meridian,enhance human immunity and improve blood circulation. What’s more, vibration plate also can lose weight ,lose body fat  by vibration.

Medical & Rehab
Foot/leg massager can massage acupoint in the sole of foot,it has the functions of health care and enhancing physique. Kneading can relieve pains of foot and leg because of long time walking or exercise.The function of heating can promote the blood circulation.


 a.Get customer’s requirement
 b.Do the initial market research and offer the solution
 c.Select the advanced manufacturing process, develop the shape, structure and function and finally confirm the product and product introduction
 d.Design the product package
 e.Make the sample and send it to our customer
 f.Get confirmation and order from our customer
 g.PMC and production
 h.Shipment




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