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What should you do to prepare for the marathon?

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Recent years, more and more cities have organized marathon competitions, and more and more people are participating in the marathon to keep fit.  Marathon has become a national sport.

If you plan to run a marathon in the near future. We have some advice for you here, what to do one month before? What should you do one week before? Even the advice on shoes food and clothes.

1. One month before marathon , choose the shoes and socks that you will wear, shoes should be as light as possible and supportive enough, you need to wear them. Run a 16km speed at the marathon. This test will tell you whether there will be blisters or foot injuries during the marathon. If the shoes bothers you, then change them.

2. Run a half marathon and test your ability one month in advance. If you can't find a suitable event, you can run with your relatives and friends. In the last few kilometers, you have to run faster than the marathon in order to cheer yourself up.

3.simulation schedule, if possible, find a same terrain as the competition’s. A flat route isn’t challenging enough, it means you have to use the same muscles all the way. If you want to motivate more of your muscles, you can practice on the running machine, adjust the speed and slope. If you don't have a running machine nearby, then go to the stairs or the steps of the stadium.

4.Running drinks, compared with ordinary water, sports drinks have triple effect to provide liquid, carbohydrate and electrolyte, pay attention to the setting of water stations in the marathon, and then practice drinking at this rhythm. If you don't like running with water, you can put water along the way.

5.Clothing, don't wear cotton T-shirts to run marathons, although they are very comfortable, compared with the sweaty T shirt, professional running clothes made of professional nylon materials can make you run more easily.

6.rehearsal run. Four or five days before the marathon, put on the shoes and costumes of the competition, run for 3 to 5 kilometers, imagine yourself running all the way, and be relaxed. In addition to enhancing confidence, this rehearsal run can finally adjust your condition. Let yourself know what pace you should keep for marathon.

7.Set two goals, summarize the training process, set an ideal goal for the marathon, and then set a second goal after considering the bad weather conditions. First, the primary goal is the direction you have been working on. Personal best score, the second goal should be when the situation is bad, let you still 35 kilometers, and enterprising, 50% before the run, the second half, only ten minutes slower than the first half, or just reach the end .

8.In the last week, try to reduce the pressure in your life. Try to avoid the activities that make you tired.

9.Eat carbohydrates instead of fat for the last three days, and eat more carbohydrate-rich foods in the last three days, such as noodles, potato bread, juice fruit, first milk and yogurt. Because energy comes from carbohydrates, not fat or protein.

10.Warm up and do some gentle stretching, even the best marathon runners in the world, needs warm-ups and stretch before starting especially the muscles of the body backwards, the Achilles tendon, the gastrocnemius, the gluteus maximus, and the waist.

11.Departure should be slow, the first 3 miles, the pace should be 10 to 15 seconds slower than the target speed, in order to preserve more energy for the last sprint.

12.Self-motivated, believe you can do it, you will success!

13.last but not the least, Massage your muscles before and after the marathon. It is a great to buy a foot massager so you can get message at home.

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