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What is your reason for your bad fitness effect ?

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The purpose of keeping fit is to build a good figure. People who go to the gym want to build enviable muscles. But some people, though hard-working, do not have satisfactory fitness results. There are many reasons.


1. Selection of Training Items

Focus only on unilateral exercise, such as aerobic exercise most of the time or anaerobic exercise most of the time. The correct way should be to combine aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise. Aerobic fitness includes jogging, bicycling, swimming, walking and so on. Aerobic fitness includes all kinds of equipment training, such as spinning bike. The difference between them is that aerobic duration is long, power is strong, while aerobic duration is short and consumption is large.

2. Learn to Rest

Many novices neglect rest. Muscles grow when you rest. Make sure that the same muscle group is trained for at least 48-72 hours. Many people have wasted a lot of physical energy during the day, and at night it is time to rest and regain physical strength. Muscle growth can be affected if you don't get enough rest. So we must not stay up late and have a good rest after exercise. What’s more, you can choose some assistive devices to relax your muscles, such as a foot massage machine.


3. Setting goals

Many novices do not have a clear understanding of the physical condition, so they do not do exercises according to their own shaping exercises, so the effect of the exercises is naturally not good. Before the fitness, do the corresponding screening of their own body shape, find out the problem of body condition, and determine the corresponding training objectives. If the shoulder muscles are not strong, then practice the shoulder muscles. If the back muscles are not well trained, practice the back. Targeted exercises will make your training more directional.


4. Action Specification

Novice often neglect the normative action, resulting in the reduction of target muscle stimulation, increase the risk of injury, or even develop very bad training habits, long-term wrong way of exertion resulting in the imperfection of muscle development. Therefore, novices should ensure the standardization of movements, learn to understand the different stimulation of different movements to muscles, and then pursue various variants after mastering the basic movements.

5. Fitness Diet

No matter how hard you practice, you still can't keep up with your diet. Additional meals before and after training are the two most critical meals for your muscle growth, especially after training. Not eating enough protein and carbohydrate will limit your growth.


6. Preparatory Action

This is also a common mistake of novice fitness. In theory, the opening of the body should include the activation of fascia and the opening of flexibility of joints. Before practice, the body should warm up for the parts to be trained, such as chest muscle stretching, quadriceps femoris stretching and so on. The purpose of the exercise is to make your body enter the state of motion faster, so that you can avoid muscle strain and other problems in the corresponding exercise.

7. Training Program

Change your training plan every 4-6 weeks. Each new plan focuses on improving your vulnerable muscles and arranging some unfamiliar exercises to make your muscles develop harmoniously in an all-round way.


8. Insist on Fitness

Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. Generally, after two years of training and a beginner's period, progress will gradually slow down. Those who have achieved good fitness are the result of training for at least a few years, let alone bodybuilding champions. Keep on the path of fitness, you will not only get muscles, but also wisdom.


After knowing the reasons, I believe you can formulate your own fitness plan more specifically in the process of fitness, and the effect of training will be better after implementation.

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