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What fitness equipment is needed to build a home gym?

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The gym is certainly the best place for friends who want to change their body shape and lose weight. However, fitness beginners may easily give up, because of price, distance and other reasons . So why not create a home gym?

1. Yoga Mat

Yoga mat should be one of the most frequently used items for the body builders, especially those who are at home fitness. Many self-weight training involves the waist, legs and hips can be performed on the yoga mat. When you don't use it, you can roll it up and put it in the corner. It doesn't occupy the position at all.

2. Dumbbell

There are a variety of dumbbells to choose. Exercise with dumbbells can better shape the muscle lines of your arms. Simple self-weighted arm training is going to be a very long-lasting effect, but adding weight can improve the efficiency of our fitness. The lifting pot dumbbell is a necessary item in the family fitness equipment, which can help us strengthen the muscle training of the whole body.

3. Elastic Band

The elastic band is also one of the portable and easy-to-use training items that can be used for arm shaping, firming the back, and stretching the whole body. Generally, girls are suitable for a 15-pound stretch band, while boys are 20 pounds.

4. Fitness Ball

Fitness ball has to be used more widely. It is a multi-purpose fitness equipment. It can handle different goals through different training methods. In the process of fitness, it can be used to stimulate the deep muscle strength of the waist and abdomen, thereby stimulating the core muscle group and tightening the waist and abdomen. Many fitness experts also use it for abdominal training.

5. Foot Massager

It must be very tired after the exercise, and the muscles are in a sore state. At this time, we need to use a foot massager to relieve the muscles of the feet.

6. Vibrating Plate(Power plate)

Vibrating plate not only can quickly reduce excess fat in the body, but also can strengthen the body. It uses the balanced lateral motion in sports science, and through the principle of amplitude superposition, lets the whole body move fat, consumes energy, eliminates excessive fat accumulation in the body, improves blood circulation, increases muscle strength and increases bone density. Its vibration frequency can be adjusted by yourself, from the first gear to the tenth gear, you can choose your own suitable vibration frequency.

7. Spinning Bike

Spinning bikes consume a lot of energy and enhance the strength of the legs to beautify the lower extremities. At the same time, spinning bike can burn body fat, strengthen leg strength and improve heart and lung function. Before using, you need to understand the brakes of the spinning bike, carefully check the pedals and buckles, and adjust the height of the seat, the front and rear position of the seat and the height of the handlebar according to the individual's actual situation. During the riding process, you should maintain a chest-lifting posture, slightly abdomen, elbow joints to clamp the body, pay attention to the knees can not be abducted or buckled. When riding a spinning bicycle, the left and right leg rotations can consume more heat. At the same time, with the dynamic music, there will be better exercise results.

8. Push-up Bracket

The use of push-up brackets can shift the center of gravity from the palm to the palm of the hand during exercise, which is more conducive to the exertion of the chest muscles. And it can lower the body lower, so that the chest muscles are more fully stretched, and the outer side of the chest muscles is more stimulated.


In the real life, many friends have blocked their dreams of fitness for various reasons. With a family gym, there will be more people joining the ranks of fitness.

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