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What do you know about spinning bike?

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Spinning bike is a unique and dynamic indoor cycling training course which combines music and visual effects. It was initiated by Johnnyg, an American personal trainer and extreme athlete in the 1980s.


1. Scientific Design of Spinning Bike

(1) The spinning bike has three positions to shake hands, because it takes into account the user's diverse body shape and age, and carries out a scientific design, so that men, women, old and young in sports more comfortable and convenient, so that the arm can be fully supported, the body can be effectively controlled, and sports become more flexible. Nowadays, the intelligent spinning bike has installed heart rate sensors in three positions, so that it can monitor its own heart rate at any time. 

(2) The spinning bike also has a special seat cushion design that is ergonomically breathable. The seat cushion can be easily lifted or moved forward and backward, and it can be adjusted to suit the posture at any time according to the body that the user does not need.

(3) The spinning bike is equipped with a front flywheel, which ensures better balance when riding. The flywheel is made of stainless steel and has the same thickness. The centrifugal force generated during operation is always within the control range of the user, and it has the characteristics of easy cleaning, corrosion resistance and fire resistance.

(4) The resistance adjustment and emergency braking device are arranged on the same knob and on the cross beam of the spinning bike frame. Leather brake pads are used because they are an extremely simple and reliable booster system and easy to maintain. The replacement time can be controlled within five minutes. When rotating left and right, the resistance can be adjusted slightly, and the flywheel braking can be carried out by directly pressing down.

(5) To prevent people from accidents in the process of sports, a variety of different pedal width pattern design can meet the needs of more people, so as to better protect ankle joint in the process of sports. At the same time, the intelligent spinning bike has a weight collection device in its design.


2. The Spinning Bike Exercise Area

Core: No. This workout doesn’t target your core.

Arms: No. This workout doesn't target your arms.

Legs: Yes. Expect nonstop leg work. Your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves will feel the burn.

Glutes: Yes. All that pedaling will engage your glutes.

Back: No. This workout doesn’t target your back muscles. However, you may need to change from bent over to sitting upright from time to time during the class.


3. The Advantages of Spinning Bike

The slimming effect of spinning bikes is very obvious. The 45-minute workout consumes as much as 400 kcal-500 kcal, which can exercise your limbs, buttocks, thigh muscles and calves. You can also freely play the speed of the ride, observe the speed, time, heart rate, etc. of the moment. Spinning bike is also a handful of high-intensity cardio-pulmonary exercises that have less impact on the joints.


4. Other Questions About Spinning Bike

(1) What is the main reason of thickening of the legs after riding the spinning bike?

When the fat in the leg increases, or the muscles in the leg increase, the leg becomes thicker. Generally, riding a spinning bike causes the legs to become thicker due to the increase in muscles in the legs.

(2) Is the spinning bike aerobic or anaerobic?

As far as the spinning bike is concerned, we can understand it as a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Because it not only meets the requirements of aerobic exercise, but also meets the requirements of anaerobic exercise. In the sprint stage of spinning bike, it belongs to anaerobic exercise.


In a word , spinning bike is a great way to get in your cardio each week. It is a low-impact workout. Indoor cycling classes help you shed fat, improve your heart health, and boost your muscle endurance.


This article mainly introduces some basic knowledge of spinning bike.

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