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What do you know about physical analysis of the gym?

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The gym is a place for fitness rehabilitation and exercise activities. Generally speaking, there are complete equipments, more comprehensive fitness and entertainment projects, professional coaches to guide, and a good fitness atmosphere.

Not only can you exercise your muscles in the gym, you can make your body more tangible, and you can meet many new friends. Do you have the habit of going to the gym often? Do you know what the health data in the gym represents?

Let us analyze our health together


It roughly reflects the degree of "fat and thinness" of a person.

non-professional athletes, BMI is normal between 18 and 24. If it is less than 18, it is thin; if it is greater than 24, it is overweight.



Body fat rate

Body fat rate refers to the proportion of body fat in the total weight of the human body, also known as the percentage of body fat, which reflects the amount of fat in the human body. The body fat rate of normal adults is 15% to 18% for men and 25% to 28% for women. The body fat rate should be kept within the normal range. If the body fat percentage is too high, more than 20% of the normal weight can be considered obesity. Obesity indicates insufficient exercise, overnutrition or some endocrine system, and often complicated by hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cholecystitis. If the body fat percentage is too low, lower than the body The lower safety margin of fat content, ie 5% for men and 13% to 15% for women, may cause dysfunction.

 How to quickly reduce body fat percentage? Maybe you can try to increase some fitness time.

Riding a bicycle is a sport that can quickly reduce body fat. If you don't have time, you can buy a spinning bike at home or in the office.This does not take up the time you go out and can achieve the effect of losing weight.

Muscle content

The higher the muscle content, the more vigorous the metabolism of the human body, and the stronger the exercise capacity.

14 tips for increasing muscle mass: large weight, low number, multiple groups, long displacement, slow speed, high density, consistent behavior, peak contraction, continuous tension, relaxation between groups, more muscle groups, after training Eat protein, rest for 48 hours and keep it light.

Waist-to-Hip Ratio,WHR

The waist-to-hip ratio is the ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference. It reflects the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and is highly correlated with visceral fat.

If you are very light, but have a high waist-to-hip ratio, you need to be vigilant - the accumulation of abdominal fat is more likely to cause cardiovascular disease. For a healthy waist-to-hip ratio, men need to be below 0.9, while women need less than 0.8.

It is an important indicator for determining central obesity, an effective clue to predict female fertility, and an important measure for evaluating female attractiveness.

basal metabolism

Basal metabolism (BM) refers to the minimum energy requirement required by all organs of the human body to sustain life. The measurement method is the energy metabolism rate when the human body is in a state of being awake and extremely quiet, and is not affected by muscle activity, environmental temperature, food and mental stress.

The kilocalorie is the calorie consumed by people in a sober and extremely quiet state, which is equivalent to the minimum amount of calories needed to sustain life.

If you are losing weight, this is an important indicator that can help you calculate the calories you need every day. In general, the greater the weight, the more metabolic, the higher the muscle mass, the higher the basal metabolic value.

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