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What do you know about aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise?

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The difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise

(1) Aerobic exercise

It's the type of exercise where you can breathe easily. Its main characteristic is low intensity and long duration, through continuous or repeated activities, complete a certain amount of exercise in a certain time. We are able to complete the breathing process smoothly throughout the exercise, only slowly and rapidly. Its main function is to keep fit and reduce fat.

For example: long-distance running, swimming, rope skipping, aerobics, cycling, mountaineering, etc.

Fitness equipment: pinning bike, treadmill, elliptical machine, exercise bike, mountaineering machine and rowing equipment

(2) Anaerobic exercise

Is the movement of high intensity, high frequency and continuous segment. Unable to complete normal breathing exercises at a certain pace. In fitness room can have professional strength fitness equipment commonly, its main effect is plastic strong body.

Examples: professional strength training, 100 meter sprint, weight lifting, etc.

Fitness equipment: weightlifting machine, big bird and other professional strength trainer

Aerobic and anaerobic metabolism

Aerobic metabolism is a slow but persistent energy system fueled mainly by carbohydrates and fats. At rest, the body has a constant supply of oxygen to produce energy to maintain its basal metabolic rate. As we move from sitting to walking, for example, our energy requirements increase, causing us to breathe and heartbeat slightly faster.

Basically we can do more than three minutes of continuous exercise relying on the aerobic metabolic energy system.

When the intensity of exercise increases to a certain extent, the energy demand exceeds the supply capacity of the aerobic metabolism system, the anaerobic metabolism system starts to start. Anaerobic metabolism USES only sugar as fuel and is characterized by rapid but low energy production. This is one of the reasons why we get exhausted when we lift a lot of weights.

The biggest disadvantage of anaerobic metabolism is that sugar is not fully "burned", producing lactic acid. The build-up of lactic acid leads to a decrease in the acidity and alkalinity of the muscle cell environment, another major cause of fatigue during high-intensity exercise.

Anaerobic metabolic activity is generally limited to no more than two minutes. Most of the time you need to rest, let the energy recovery, until the blood to carry away the anaerobic waste metabolism, can continue to exercise.

There are no absolute boundaries

In fact, oxygen and anoxia rarely exist independently. Exercise doesn't jump from one metabolic state to another all at once, and more often they overlap. It's just that sometimes it's aerobic, sometimes it's anaerobic. During low-intensity exercise, such as walking, there is a very small proportion of anaerobic metabolism, which can be called "pure aerobic" exercise. But in almost all high-intensity exercise, aerobic and anaerobic metabolism coexist, so there is no "pure anaerobic".

In addition, a sport is aerobic or anaerobic also depends on the individual's physical condition and training level. The fast walking of Olympic team members, for many beginners, may lead to anaerobic metabolism and cause muscle soreness. What beginners call heavy lifting may be just a warm-up for professional strength athletes, equivalent to their cardio workout.

How do you choose oxygen or no oxygen?

People who don't have a foundation in exercise can start with aerobic exercise. Improve your heart and lungs, increase your energy, and then add anaerobic training. Some people naturally lean, want to strong muscle, fitness figure, then should give priority to anaerobic training. On the contrary, some people are "muscular" and easily grow muscle. If you want to lose weight, you should focus on aerobic training.

People with type 2 diabetes, obese patients, and those with fatty liver disease, as well as older people, should focus on aerobic exercise. If you want to prevent osteoporosis and bone softening, you should do anaerobic exercise. If you have the time, it's best to do both anaerobic and aerobic (anaerobic and aerobic are generally recommended) to reap the benefits of both. If you have a busy work life and limited exercise time, you can also combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise with one or two high-intensity intervals (HIIT) a week. But only if you can really give 100 percent.

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