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The Scientific Principle of the Vibrating Plate

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Whole body vibration is usually implemented through the use of a vibrating platform. You can choose to use a passive stance on the platform (e.g. standing, sitting, etc.) or an active stance (e.g. squats, push ups, bicep curls using additional resistance straps, etc.) to target different problem areas for a variation of results and benefits. The vibrations are generated by motors underneath the platform and transmitted to the user on the machine. The varying frequency, amplitude and direction at which the vibration platform moves determines the intensity and results you will achieve. So what is the scientific principle of the vibration plate?



Contraction Muscle

During Whole Body Vibration, muscles throughout the body are stimulated through the destabilising effect on the user, once he/she steps on the vibrating platform. To regain the loss of balance, muscles throughout the body are tensed of flexed. Depending on the stance you assume on the power plate, muscles around the joints involved will be stretched and stimulated. This is picked up by muscle spindles (sensory receptors within muscles), which sends the signal to the central nervous system and brain, and from the brain back down to the spinal cord so you instinctively contract your muscles throughout your body to balance yourself. Due to the involuntary nature of the muscle contractions, as well as the higher frequency in which these muscle contractions occur on the vibration plate, more muscle fibres are activated as compared to conventional conscious exercise, increasing the overall muscle activity and shortening the time taken to achieve your desired results.



Produce Higher Gravity to the Body

There has been ample evidence to show the positive impact of the force of gravity on the human body. Exercise without the right directional force of gravity is simply ineffective in counteracting muscle and bone loss. It is crucial to experience the vertical pull of gravity through the spine of the human body to effectively mitigate muscle and bone mass losses. For people remaining active in an upright standing position is imperative to a healthy body. For people who enjoy sitting during the free time, standing on a vibration plate for 10 minutes a day could mean the difference. The movement of the vibration plate induces a higher gravitational force on your body through the increased muscle activity throughout your body. Best of all, there is no additional load or effort required on your part. Just step on the vibration plate and enjoy loosening up in the therapeutic vibrations.



Detoxification through Blood Circulation & Increasing Lymphatic Drainage

Detoxification is crucial for a healthy body immune from disease, ailments and glowing from within. The body naturally has a detoxification process, removing impurities from the blood through the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. In a perfect world, people would all be eating balanced diets so the liver is able to flush out the toxins in the system adequately. However, modern day diet and lifestyle is quite the contrary. With the irregular sleeping hours, high-stress environments and processed food laden meals, coupled with the lack of sufficient exercise, people's health is getting worse. However, you only need to exercise for a few minutes on the vibrating plate to help you energize and detoxify your cells and improve your health.


Lymphatic system is the natural detoxification system and what keeps the body functioning healthily. Toxic is being accumulated in the lymph nodes and not drained away due to lack of activity which prevents toxins from being flushed out of the body. Unlike blood, which has the heart as a pump to oxygenate the blood cells running through the body, the lymph nodes do not have a pump. The best way to drain out the harmful toxins in your body is through massage and exercise. Fortunately, vibration plates are able to deliver both exercise and circulation, through varying settings and stances on the vibration plate. And you will be able to boost your immune system, improve your blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and overall health right by a vibration plate.



Activated the Osteoblast

Vibration therapy induces compression and remodelling of the bone tissue, activating the osteoblasts (cells which secrete bone substance), while reducing the activity of the osteoclasts (cells which absorbs bone tissue). Repeated stimulation, combined with the increased pull on the bones by the muscles, increases bone mineral density over time. With improved circulation usually accompanied by vibration therapy, better nutrient penetration to the bone tissue have been found as a contributing factor to bone perfusion in studies as well.


Whole body vibration provides an opportunity to exercise at home without having to take time out for a rigorous workout. Now, you can benefit from this amazing technology.

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