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The Difference between Spin Bike and Exercise Bike

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As we all know, in addition to running, cycling is also a very good fitness exercise. There are spinning bikes and exercise bikes in fitness equipment. Although they are all cycling equipment, the movements of spinning bikes and exercise bikes are still different. Today, we will analyze the difference in fitness between exercise bikes and spinning bikes.


The Spin Bike

Spin bike was initiated by Johnnyg, an American personal trainer and extreme athlete, in the 1980s. It is a unique and dynamic indoor bicycle training course which combines music and visual effects. After overcoming all the shortcomings of outdoor driving, the spin bike has become an aerobic exercise which can make the whole body get exercise after being easy to learn due to the technical improvement.


The Exercise Bike

The exercise bike is called "power bicycle" in the field of sports science. It is a typical aerobic fitness equipment for simulating outdoor sports. It mainly promotes cardiovascular exercise through long-term, moderate-intensity exercise, accelerates metabolism, enhances heart and lung function, and thus improves the body's physical fitness. It can be divided into two types: upright exercise bike and recumbent exercise bike. By adjusting the intensity of exercise, the body-building effect can be achieved.


The Difference between Spin Bike and Exercise Bike

All types of bikes can give you an effective cardio workout. Evaluating the spin bike vs exercise bike often depends on your personal preferences and fitness goals.


If you want an intense workout on a durable machine, a spin bike is your best choice. These bikes are sturdy and designed to provide flexibility. Its intensity is higher than that of exercise bicycle. Spin bike usually use brake pads to control resistance, while exercise bike generally use magnetron wheels to control resistance. The effect of spin bike is mainly embodied in the flywheel, through the rhythmic movement of music, it is easier to adhere to, it is also more effective for reducing fat and shaping. Spin bikes are suitable for people aged 15-50. You can stand or sit as you pedal and enjoy a workout that is more similar to outdoor cycling than the other types of exercise bikes.


If you are mostly concerned with comfort, you may want to choose the exercise bike. Upright exercise bike and recumbent exercise bike have seating arrangements that are suitable for people with back issues.  Exercise bicycle is a very suitable exercise for those who can not exercise vigorously. Slow cycling will not bring great impact on the body, but also can relatively carry out some labor-intensive and physical recovery. Because the exercise bike uses a magnetron resistance design, the exercise bike is quieter than the treadmill when riding. To sum up, the exercise bike is a moderate intensity exercise, more entertaining fitness exercise, while allowing you to enjoy the fun of sports in a quiet environment.


The above is a simple analysis of the difference between spin bike and exercise bike. Spin bike pays attention to exercise, while exercise bike pays attention to exercise. Choose the products you need instead of buying them blindly. You can learn more about each option by visiting a local gym. Try each option out for yourself and determine which one best fits your style.

This article mainly introduces the difference between spin bike and exercise bike.

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