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Ten home fitness errors

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Nowadays, people have developed a good concept of exercise and fitness to lose weight, but when it is implemented, there are often some minor problems, including physical errors, site errors and equipment errors.


1. Sit-ups

Sit-ups should be done in moderate soft waist areas. It is better to lay a layer of sports cushion or mattress on the floor. Do not sit on too soft bed or too hard floor, people with osteoporosis or compression fractures are not suitable for sit-ups.

2. Shake the hula hoop

Shake the hula hoop and twist the whole body. But just shaking the same direction, that is, the other side of the body is wrong. Shaking the hula hoop belongs to aerobic exercise, so it must be shaken for more than half an hour, and the hula hoop should be kept for a long time, and the waist effect can be clearly seen after 6 months.


3. Raise dumbbells

It's wrong to stand and lift dumbbells. It is also wrong to think that the heavier the dumbbells are, the more effective they are. Lifting dumbbells belongs to heavy training. Warm up before doing it. You can just lie down or sit while lifting a dumbbell. If you have tendinitis, it is not suitable for you to do this exercise.


4. Climbing stairs

It's wrong to climb many stores in one breath, even two stairs at a time. First of all, the posture is very important. Stay 3/4 of your foot in the ladder, and then climb the second ladder slowly with the other foot. In addition, people who are too heavy are not fit for this exercise.


5. Jogging in place

When you run at home, you must put on your shoes. Wearing shoes will reduce the impact of the floor on the feet and avoid damage to the feet. Don't forget to warm up at the beginning. You can jump for 5 minutes before running. After running, you can step back for 5 minutes to slow down your body.

6. Foot-raising

Stand up and raise your feet, pay attention to the knee can not bend, be sure to straighten, the angle can not be too large, almost 45 degrees. If you sit on a chair and raise your feet, you should pat the two legs together and let it go down for 5 minutes, instead of kicking it out quickly, because it makes no sense.


7. Stand up on the buttress

It's almost as hard to stand up on the buttress as it is to stand up on the floor. But your body, hands and toes should be 30 - 50 centimeters away from the wall.  If it is too close, it will have no effect. If it is far away, it will fall easily. In addition, the arm should be raised equally high to the shoulder so that the muscles of the hand and back can be really trained.


8. Aerial bicycle

This bed sport has been popular for a long time. But the effect is not very good. Because it is already very difficult in the posture, support the gravity on the top, and struggle to move a few times, it will be powerless. So many people only have an effect when they lift their feet. At the same time, be careful not to do it in a place that is too hard or too soft. In addition, people with osteoporosis and lumbar spondylolisthesis cannot do this exercise.


9. Half-squatting movement

The seemingly simple movement is actually very dangerous because it will make the knees bear four to five times the normal weight. When doing it, it is necessary to gradually and gradually adapt to the knee injury. People with degenerative arthritis should never do this.

10. Jumping rope

The jump rope has a great impact on the feet, so whether it is indoors or outdoors, you must wear shoes to protect your feet from sprains, and don’t jump too high. As long as you cross the past, you can skip rope at home. In fact, you don't really need ropes because you are probably afraid of ropes hitting things indoors. So you just have to fantasize that there is a rope to "jump".

The use of professional fitness equipment (such as spinning bike, vibration plate, foot massage and so on) can not only avoid the above problems, but also make the fitness effect better.


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