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Some principles of efficient fitness(two)

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5. The gradual principle of physical exercise:

The effect of physical exercise on strengthening physical fitness and promoting health is gradual and progressive. This principle requires that the exercise load should be gradually increased when exercising or developing a certain physical fitness. This principle is an important guarantee for maintaining motivation and desire for physical exercise and preventing sports injuries. It is important to remember that maintaining good physical fitness is a long and continuous process that requires lifelong pursuit. Always maintaining a high level of athletic desire and love of physical activity is a key factor in the successful completion of this long journey, and the continued progress and successful psychological experience of your physical fitness during school will enable you to success this in the future.


6. The safety principle of physical exercise:

The safety principle requires that you always pay attention to protecting yourself during the physical exercise and be safe first. Its main contents include:


(1) Don't blindly participate in activities that exceed your ability.


(2) If possible, ask a physical education teacher or a kinematics expert to give you a prescription for exercising or losing weight based on your physical fitness.


(3) Before exercises, adequate preparation activities must be taken to overcome the physiological inertia of internal organs and prevent the sports injuries.


(4) Exercise should be suspended after a meal, hunger or fatigue, it is not suitable for a strong exercise.


(5) In unfamiliar water areas, do not enter the water or dive in order to avoid accidents. When swimming in public places, pay attention to public health and obey the rules.


(6) After exercises, remember to do some stretches and drink some recovery drinks.


(7) During the exercise, do not drink plenty of water, so as not to increase the burden on the heart or cause discomfort in the body and stomach. After exercising, it is not advisable to take a cold shower immediately.


(8) Before the development or implementation of your own exercise program, you must undergo medical examination and ask for doctor's approval. If you have a certain disease or have a family history of genetics, you need to consult a doctor and exercise under medical supervision.


7. Physical exercise and environmental monitoring:

By exercising in the sun, we can directly receive the sun's rays, ultraviolet rays and infrared rays, which are especially important for human health and survival. However, these rays and some harmful factors in the natural environment are threatening our health.


(1) The adverse effects of solar radiation on the human body. Excessive skin exposure during physical exercise can also cause great damage to the body. Ultraviolet rays can cause local skin capillary dilatation and congestion, causing destruction of epidermal cells, resulting in redness, edema, and erythema, excessive ultraviolet radiation can also cause photodermatitis, ophthalmia, cataract, headache, dizziness, elevated body temperature, and mental disorders. And other symptoms. In addition, excessive ultraviolet radiation can also induce skin cancer.


(2)  Avoid exercising in a hot environment. Only when the body temperature is constant at 37 °C, the body can maintain normal physiological activities. High body temperature will cause harm to the human body. During exercise, the amount of heat generated in the human body will increase significantly, strenuous exercise can increase more than 100 times than usual. If the heat accumulate in the body and raises the body temperature, it will cause a series of dysfunctions and even shocks. Therefore, in the hot environment, you must take measures against heatstroke, otherwise there is a risk of suffering from heat radiation diseases.


(3) The effect of humidity on physical exercise. When the temperature is moderate, the humidity of the air has little effect on the human body, while at high or low temperatures, the large humidity is very unfavorable to the human body. The greater the humidity, the greater the obstacle to the body's heat dissipation through evaporation, the balance of heat production and heat dissipation will be broken, and the normal function of the body will be adversely affected.


(4) Avoid exercising in a cold environment. In a cold environment, muscle viscosity increases, stretch and elasticity decrease, work ability decreases, and it is more likely to cause sports injuries.


(5) Avoid exercising in an air polluted environment. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is an important pollutant affecting the effects of physical exercise. They can cause chest congestion, cough, headache, dizziness and decreased vision. 

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