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Some precautions for riding a spining bike

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Some Precautions for riding a spining bike

The spinning bike was first created by the American personal trainer and extreme athlete JOHNNYG in the 1980s. It is a dynamic indoor bicycle training course that combines music and visual effects.
After overcoming all the shortcomings of outdoor driving, the spinning bike made the sport easy to learn and became an aerobic exercise that can make the whole body exercise. Spinning bikes are suitable for white-collar workers for office fitness.


1. Suitable for

The spinning bike originating in the United States is full of American flavor, energetic and enthusiastic, so it is popular among people aged 25-35. However, there is no age limit for this sport abroad, because its scientific design guarantees the safety of the participants, and the intensity of the exercise is completely controllable, adapting to all people with athletic ability.
However, it is recommended that people with injured knees do not participate in this exercise, because the friction of the knee joint during the whole riding process is very large, coupled with high-intensity pressure.It is easy to form potential damage, which will be slow in the course of future exercise slowly reflected. It is also best for patients with heart disease and high blood pressure not to participate in order to avoid danger in high-intensity training.


2. Cycling weight loss posture

It should be noted that the spinning bike riding posture should be kept correct. The correct posture should be that the body leans forward slightly, the arms of the body are straight, the abdomen is tightened, and the abdominal breathing method is adopted. The legs and the beam of the car are parallel or slightly buckled inward, the knees and hip joints are kept in harmony, and the body is not left and right. Swing, pay attention to Cycling rhythm .
In addition, the posture of pedaling is also very important. The average person thinks that the so-called pedaling is to step on the foot, and the pedals turn around to drive the flywheel forward, but the correct pedaling should be divided into four consecutive movements of stepping, pulling, lifting and pushing. "Professor coach Shi Bo appeared: "The foot is stepped down first, the calf is then retracted back and pulled back, then lifted up, and finally pushed forward, so that it is just 360 degrees a week. So rhythmically pedaling, not only saves energy but also speeds up.

3. Dressing rules for cycling

It is best to wear professional spinning bike clothing and elastic cotton sportswear can also be replaced. Sneakers with laces are the best choice, because it can firmly fix the foot on the ankle to prevent dislocation.
It should be noted that the clothes should not be too tight, so as not to break the clothes when the action is too large, resulting in indecent. At the same time, you can bring a small jacket to prevent colds caused by the wind.


4. Full warm-up exercise

Before each spinning project, take some time to do a full warm-up exercise, jog on the treadmill for a while, or jump aerobics, and then participate when the body begins to excite. Because the long-term near-sleeping body does not adapt to the sudden increase in load and strength, the body is easily injured before the muscles are stretched and stretched.


5. Check bicycle part

Before loading a bicycle, check whether each component is safe. Pay attention to adjust the position after getting on the bus. The most important thing is to fasten the safety lock on the rafter to avoid the risk of bumping when the foot is dislodged at high speed. The sole should always be parallel to the ground during cycling.


6. Adjust breathing methods

The breathing method on a spinning bike is very important and you should learn to breathe abdominally. In the abdominal breathing, due to the alternating tension and relaxation of the abdominal muscles, the local muscle capillaries also alternately contract and relax, accelerate the blood circulation, expand the supply of oxygen, and facilitate the discharge of metabolites. Systemic organ organization plays a role in adjustment and promotion, and it also greatly enhances lung function.

7. Avoid several taboo actions

Stepping back on this action will loosen the foot and may cause injury when the foot is stepped down. Studies have shown that the same muscle group is used for backwards and forwards, which consumes the same amount of heat, so there is no advantage in stepping back.

Do not point your toes down while riding, as it can cause inflammation of the bone nodules and numbness of the feet. When stepping on, the feet should be parallel to the ground and the feet should be in the middle of the pedals.

Do not use weight-bearing equipment on the bicycle. Lifting weight on the vehicle is invalid and unsafe. The exercise muscles are most effective in weight training under steady state conditions.


8. Pay attention to diet

Before training, it is important to get enough calories and water. Fasting exercise will consume the body's energy reserves, thus slowing down the metabolism. Ideal foods include fruits, carbohydrates such as cereals, brown rice, soy milk, and nutritionally balanced powdered foods.
After training, in addition to the need to add some sugar, other nutrients are also important, especially protein. Eggs, skimmed milk, fish, tofu and powdered protein supplements are good sources of protein. It is estimated that a person who regularly exercise requires the same amount of protein as the weight of his lean body mass. For example, if your weight is 140 pounds, 15% of which is fat, then your lean body weight is 119 pounds, and you need to consume 119 grams of protein per day.

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