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Recommendation of home fitness equipment

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Recommendation of home fitness equipment

In fact, compared to going to the gym for exercise.For many people, home fitness is easier to adhere to, do not need to spend too much time to go to the gym.You only need to "perpetuate", using only a small amount of time, effort and energy. Through long-term lightweight and streamlined anaerobic exercise, you can also achieve or maintain a good body.

Let me introduce some fitness equipment that can be easily exercised at home, and let you realize your desire to exercise and lose weight easily.


1. Elastic band

Elastic bands are often used as a fitness training tool at home or on business trips. It can effectively improve muscle strength, physical activity and flexibility, effectively improve athletic performance, and help treat many chronic diseases of the human body.

Before using the elastic band to train or exercise, pay attention to check whether the elastic band is intact. If a crack or a gap is used, the new elastic band should be replaced in time. It is best to change it once every two to two months.
In the process of using elastic belt fitness, pay attention to whether your movements are correct, and you must be clear about the essentials. Such long-term incorrect movements can cause muscle strain, which will not only have no effect, but will cause physical injury.

Next, let's introduce a few exercises that can be exercised with stretch.
In daily life, we can use the elastic band to exercise the biceps. The main point of action is to exercise the biceps, legs open before and after, the front foot on the elastic band, the back knee close to the ground, both hands hold the ends of the elastic band, the arm vertical body, elbow joint slightly curved. When the biceps exercise is exerted, the elbow joint is bent, and the arm is close to the big arm. Attention to other parts of the body is always stable and the exercise effect is best.


You can also use the elastic force to exercise the shoulders. First, you need to put your legs together, your knees are bent at about 90 degrees, your feet are on the elastic belt, and both ends of the elastic band are held by both hands, and the arms are slightly bent. Next, you only need to push your shoulders, lift your arms up, and lift them to the elbows in parallel with the ground.


In addition to the above two movements, an elastic band can simulate most of the training of the instrument. The muscles of the body such as the chest, back, legs, shoulders, arms, etc. can be trained by elastic force.

The advantage of the elastic band is that it is easy to carry and can be trained at any time. Lightweight, it is a training tool that you can carry with you. There are also some shortcomings in the elastic band. For example, improper use may cause injury. It is recommended to consult a professional or refer to the professional elastic belt training video before use. It needs to be replaced regularly. If it is used frequently, it will need to be replaced in 1-2 months.

2. Spinning bike

The spinning bike originating in the United States is full of American flavor, energetic and enthusiastic, so it is popular among people aged 25-35. However, there is no age limit for this sport abroad, because its scientific design guarantees the safety of the participants, and the intensity of the exercise is completely controllable, adapting to all people with athletic ability.

When using a spinning bike, you should keep your upper body stable and adjust your hands and back so that they bend naturally. The most important thing to note is that you should step on the forefoot. Only in this way can the main muscles around the thigh be used correctly. Exercise with a spinning bike is the same as a bicycle, and you can exercise your lower limbs to exercise. Spinning is a combination of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. The key exercises are biceps and quadriceps, and the fat consumption of these two parts.

spinning bike

The advantage of riding a bicycle is to achieve the purpose of reducing fat while consuming energy while fully activating the body's moving cells. If you want to lose weight, you should ride for more than 30 minutes, because this time just started to burn fat. If the purpose of the exercise is for health, exercise at 4 to 6 in the afternoon is best. This time is the best time for human strength. If it is best to lose weight in the morning, the weight loss effect is doubled. The downside of riding a bicycle is that if you don't do a warm-up, you can easily damage your knees without fully relaxing your body.


3. Treadmill

The treadmill is the most commonly used exercise machine. People who rarely walk and run will want to have a treadmill for aerobics. The fitness effect of the treadmill is worthy of recognition. Run faster and let your heart beat more than 120 times a minute to improve your heart and lung function.

On treadmills, most people use treadmills for aerobics such as jogging, or they can walk on treadmills. Many treadmills come with a "climbing mode", which means you can climb at home.
Next, I will introduce a few methods used by the treadmill.
The treadmill should also be used when using it, otherwise it may cause damage to the body. Next, I will introduce a few methods used by the treadmill.

1. Please familiarize yourself with the treadmill first time.
Before using the electric treadmill for the first time, please stand by and familiarize yourself with the controls such as start, stop and speed adjustment, and wait until you are familiar with it.

2. Press the start button of the treadmill
Press the start button and the treadmill is now operational. It will automatically select a speed of 1. Beginners can warm up at this speed, probably warm up for five minutes, and then increase the speed according to their physical fitness.
3. Open different speed or slope mode
Under normal circumstances, grasp the handrail with both hands, open the machine to a low speed of 1.6~3.2 km / h, stand straight, look forward, use a foot on the running belt to "squat" a few times, try to relax; then Stand up to the running belt and exercise with it, about 10 minutes. After feeling the adaptation, slowly increase the speed to 3 to 5 km / h, and then maintain this speed for about 10 minutes. Finally, slowly lower the speed to stop the machine and slow down until the stop is about 8 minutes.



     The advantage of the treadmill is that it can be protected from the weather during exercise, and has a cushioning effect, reducing the accumulated pressure on the legs and avoiding fatigue injuries. However, there are also disadvantages that occupy a large space and are difficult to store.


4. Power Plate

Power Plate vibration training is a new concept and comprehensive physical training method, which can help athletes to improve explosive power and rapid strength, flexibility and coordination of the body, as well as the strength and stability of the waist and abdomen. Quickly warm up and relax after a workout, while also being used to prevent sports injuries and post-injury rehabilitation.

Vibration plates are commonly used for dynamic warm-up and recovery training and are used by physiotherapists for routine rehabilitation and pre-injury prevention. The Power Plate allows people to train through a vibrating plate in either direction. The vibration trainer trains the muscles of the human body to improve the muscle strength and explosiveness of the athlete.


You only need to open power plate for simple training. The power plate offers training in stretching, balance training, strength training, explosive training, and relaxing massage.

vibration plate


The advantage of Power Plate is that it constantly stimulates the lymph glands, and then accelerates the fat by speeding up the gastrointestinal motility and excreting the sweat outside the body while constantly shaking the fat. Its shortcoming is that it is easy to cause stomach ptosis, stomach perforation and other diseases after a meal, and do not perform similar exercises after meals.


5. Dumbbell

Dumbbells are a simple device for strengthening muscle strength training. Its use is for muscle strength training and muscle compound motion training. Patients with low muscle strength due to exercise paralysis, pain, long-term inactivity, etc., holding dumbbells, can use the weight of dumbbells to resist active movement.
Next, introduce the use and action of dumbbells. 

The most important thing is to choose the right weight before practicing the dumbbell. The purpose of everyone's practice is to gain muscle. It is best to choose a dumbbell with 65%-85% load. For example, if the load that can be lifted is 10 kg each time, you should choose a dumbbell with a weight of 6.5 kg - 8.5 kg. During the practice, 5-8 groups per day, each group moves 6-12 times, the movement speed should not be too fast, each group is 2-3 minutes apart. The load is too big or too small, the interval time is too long or too short, and the effect will be bad.

Dumbbells are mainly used for muscle training and muscle compound training. You can try to do exercises such as sitting down and bending, dumbbell prone leg bending, etc. This is the fastest and most effective way to exercise biceps.



The advantage of dumbbells is that if you can practice dumbbells for a long time, you can not only modify muscle lines, increase muscle endurance, but also do heavy weight dumbbell exercises, and can make muscles strong and strong muscle fibers. The disadvantage of dumbbells is that they are harder in texture and are prone to bruises during use.


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