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How to improve fitness efficiency?

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With a fast-paced lifestyle and work stress, time is invaluable to everyone. When we go to the gym to exercise, we hope to do a useful training, use every minute to the extreme, and hope that every practice and movement can maximize the effect.

However, good results take time and good approach. Many people's fitness effects are generally due to the lack of action, or insufficient focus, so the effect is not obvious. Many people can't insist and give up, are you? At the same time, even if there is the best form of exercise, it is useless if it lacks quantity and strength. This article will show you how to improve your fitness efficiency.

Tips of how to improve fitness efficiency

1. First exercise large muscle groups

The specific order in the movement will directly affect the fatigue sequence of the muscles, which will eventually have a great impact on the whole exercise. If you want the whole dimension to increase, you must focus on the large muscle groups and never put the isolated movements before compound movement.

2. Strength training must precede aerobic exercise

How do you warm up? Run? How long does it run? Long periods of aerobics can drain your energy, and you may be exhausted when you haven't had strength training. If you plan to carry out weight training, but warm-up has already done your own weakness, you can not carry out good weight training, but will increase the muscle burden.

3. Free power is placed in front of the fixed device

Free instruments are dumbbells, barbells and the like. Free strength exercises the whole body. It can protect the joints, increase the coordination of the muscles, and most importantly, it exercises almost all the muscles of the whole body and the small muscle groups that exercise more. Free strength training is much more difficult than fixed instruments, and the pressure on the body is much greater, but it can better shape the body faster.

4. Create a fitness atmosphere

To help you bend your muscles more often, place a set of dumbbells near the table. Put a yoga mat beside the bed so you can do yoga when you wake up or sleep, or add a power plate or a spinning bike to keep you moving wherever you are.

5. Reduce weight

Everyone in the process of training the target weight will have a process of strength disappearing. At this time, it is necessary to reduce the weight after exhaustion, which will increase your muscle fatigue, and each time you drop continuously, let more The blood flows to the muscle cells, enhancing the pumping effect in overall training.

6. With music

The fitness process must be boring, and many people use music to resolve this boring feeling. In fact, music is actually a good source of power in addition to helping you to get rid of boredom. The music that suits your rhythm is whether it is heavy metal or electric or R&B or Hip-hop, as long as it gives you strength during the training process.

7. Shorten the break

Reducing the impact of rest time on the pump's sensation is very obvious, which will allow more blood to pass through the muscle tissue, so it will definitely give your muscles a feeling of swelling and tearing. But for the sake of safety, the weight can't exceed your tolerance and avoid hurting yourself.

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