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How to choose spining bike?

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How to choose spining bike?

Before you buy a spinning bike, you must first understand some knowledge about spinning bikes, otherwise it is easy to buy mistakes, because there are many types of spinning bikes, performance differences and scope of use.

Let me introduce you to some knowledge of spinning bikes, to help you pick and choose the spinning bike that makes you and your family happy, and join the spinning bike in this stylish and healthy aerobic exercise.

spinning bike

1. Choose according to appearance

No matter what you buy, first we look at the look and then decide on other aspects. First look at the color of the spinning bike, do you like it, the function layout of the spinning bike does not meet your own habits. If you are shopping in a fitness equipment store, it is recommended to step on it to see how stable the whole spinning bike is.

spinning bike


2. According to the body selection

At present, there are many types of spinning bicycles on the market, and the structural design of the body also has its own methods, such as X-shaped design, center double front fork, V-shaped design.....
In fact, it should be noted that the design itself can evenly distribute the gravity of the loader, so that the body can be relatively stable and not shaken when riding, and the damage to the spinning bike itself is relatively low. In simple terms, the pipe is easy to compare. In part, the thinner the tube has a poor bearing capacity, the opposite thick tube or elliptical tube has a higher natural bearing capacity, and the stability of riding is better, while the elliptical tube is more designed in appearance. The processing difficulty is also relatively large, and it is naturally preferred that the user can personally feel the shaking condition during the test ride to make a simple judgment.

spinning bike


3. Choose according to the size of the flywheel

Generally speaking, if the weight of the flywheel is 13-20KG, the gym will generally reach 20kg or more. The riding feeling and fitness effect of the spinning bike is good or bad and a large part is determined by the flywheel. Everyone must choose according to the discretion.

In addition to the weight of the wheel, the material of the flywheel should also be considered. Most of the flywheels in the market are still cast iron, and the more advanced flywheels use aluminum metal to design the flywheel.
The resistance of the iron flywheel and the aluminum flywheel is different from that of the brake.
The drag brakes are all dynamic bicycles made of cast iron. Most of the spinning bikes use friction to form resistance and braking, but unavoidable noise is generated, which is easy to cause wear of the resistance wheel and is used when rubbing. The gasket material is also important. Generally speaking, there are several kinds of materials: the material of the car is divided into rubber, wool felt and leather. The rubber gasket is cheaper, although the same effect can be achieved, but the friction damage of the spinning bike is better. Large, long-term use is easy to form some scar lines on the spinning bike, it is not recommended. Needless to say, the leather is more advanced but it is a consumable, and it needs to be replaced at a fixed time. The drag racing car is a spinning bicycle with cast iron. It is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance problem. The spinning bike is very easy to sweat and avoid rusting of iron products.

The design of the brake resistance system of the magnetron system should be regarded as the latest control method in the industry.
This brake resistance method does not cause any scraping caused by friction, and no matter how much the resistance is adjusted, there is almost no friction sound between the spinning bicycle and the brake washer when pedaling, and the operation is also quite smooth.

spinning bike

4. Pick by price

The spinning bikes at what price is purchased are completely based on the individual's economic situation and budget. The high-end brands of spinning bicycles include Speed, Zhenglun, Haoyu, etc. Although the price is relatively high, the work of foreign brands is relatively good. But in fact, most brands are produced and processed in China, so we pay attention to whether it is imported when buying foreign brands.  


5. Choose according to practicality

Those who know about spinning bikes should know that spinning bikes are divided into home and business. The spinning bike for the home is suitable for those places with small space, such as a family or a small clubhouse. The usage rate is relatively low. If you want to buy a spinning bike to exercise at home, then the home spinning bike is a very good choice. The spinning bike used in home fitness is also suitable for office fitness. Commercial spinning bikes are mainly used in professional gymnasiums, or people with higher affordability and higher requirements for fitness equipment.

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