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How to break through the bottleneck of fitness?

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People often sweat a lot but no effect and many healthy friends have encountered this situation. The following is a detailed collation of some fitness issues that should be paid attention to, regardless of muscle gain and fat loss are applicable. First, warm-up is an important part of the fitness process. Warming-up can not only enhance physical ability and performance, but also greatly reduce the probability of injury. Second, the training intensity is too low. If muscles need to be increased, the weight selection of strength training is very important. Generally, the weight of 8-12 RM (maximum repetition times) is the best weight; while the number of groups is generally 3-4; each training chooses about 7 movements. Third, non-standard movements will not only lead to poor fitness results, not stimulating the target muscle groups, but also make you more terrible injuries. Standard movement is the premise of any fitness exercise, but there are many fitness movements. Fourth, this should be the most headache of a problem, diet control is also a difficult point, light training will not eat will greatly reduce the fitness effect. Give a simple suggestion on how much to eat. Muscle gain is 10-20% more than usual diet, and fat loss is 10-20% less than usual diet. Regardless of increasing muscle and reducing fat, we should choose natural food as far as possible. We should grasp the balance of nutrition. Fifth, no matter how busy you are at work, you must ensure adequate sleep. In the sleep state, assimilation is the main metabolic factor, so that your energy and physical fitness can be restored. Seven hours of sleep a day is the bottom line.

So, how should we break through the bottleneck of fitness? We will give you five useful methods. First, we must ensure that the movement is standardized. Motion regulation is one of the basic elements to achieve fitness effect. Even if the non-standard movement consumes no more physical strength, it will not deeply stimulate the target muscle, and the effect of natural muscle growth will not be good, at the same time, there is the risk of training deformed muscle. For example, when doing push-ups, irregular movements can lead to excessive arm strength, while the pectorals major muscle is not deeply stimulated. Second, increasing weight is one of the most direct and effective ways to stimulate muscles. Long-term use of fixed weight-bearing methods will make muscles adaptable. You need to incrementally and systematically increase your weight to stimulate your muscles. We can achieve this effect through vibration plate and spinning bike . Typically, you try to increase your weight by 2 KG every 2 weeks, depending on your physical fitness. With basic movements as the main, basic movements can mobilize more muscle groups to participate in sports, try to lift more weight, such as push, squat, hard pull and so on. Thirdly, changing the speed of movement is also a powerful way to stimulate muscles. Generally, the speed of conventional action is rapid contraction and slow reduction. The movement speed is related to the length of the movement distance. Contraction, such as supine push, is relatively faster (1-2 seconds) when the active muscle overcomes the resistance (weight) to do "contraction". The purpose is to help exert force and help muscle contraction. Active muscle is slower (2-3 seconds) in overcoming resistance and stretching. Exercises with relatively long distances, such as squatting, squatting for 2-3 seconds, squatting for 3-6 seconds (or longer), aim to control the slow reduction of resistance, maintain continuous tension, increase the difficulty and intensity of movement, and enhance stimulation. Fourthly, the combination of large weight and low number of times with small weight is very effective. Small weight and multiple exercises are beneficial to increase capillary density, while capillaries play the role of supplying nutrients and oxygen to muscles, which is conducive to improving muscle strength and increasing muscle volume. Many times of low weight exercise has better effect on leg training. Fifth, the priority training rule. Arrange the weak parts of the body in front of each training. At this time, the physical strength is abundant and the attention is focused, which can achieve better training effect. It is also possible to arrange two separate training sessions per week for weak links, 72 hours apart to give full recovery time, the effect is better. We can relax by using bottleneck.

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