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How to boost the metabolism

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Metabolism is an important feature of life, which is used to complete the conversion of various energies. The metabolic rate decreases with age. For example, when you are 30 years old, you burn less than 100 calories per day when you are 20 years old. If you want to lose weight, increasing your metabolic rate may allow you to lose more weight without reducing calorie intake. So how to boost the metabolism?


Changing Dietary Habits

Have several small meals each day. Long intervals between meals can put the body into a state of hunger and reduce metabolism to conserve energy and prevent hunger. Although some people can lose weight by intermittent fasting, most people need to have several small meals each day, and the overall food consumption will be reduced. In addition to eating four to six small meals a day, eating healthy snacks can also boost metabolism.



Drink More Water

Water is necessary for digesting and processing calories. Aside from getting dehydrated, not drinking enough water would slow down your metabolism. Make sure you drink around two to three liters of water on regular days and more as your activity increases. For better hydration of your body, drink water before every snack or meal.



Take Protein During Breakfast

Stay away from carbohydrates during breakfast, because this will slow down your metabolic rate. The body needs to consume more energy to digest lean protein, so lean protein-rich foods can promote metabolism. Select lean proteins such as turkey, fish, eggs, beans and tofu. White soft cheese is a great source of casein. Eat soft white cheese, especially before bedtime, because it slowly releases energy, so metabolism will work all night.



Intensify Exercise

Aerobic workouts are good for you, but if you want to further boost your metabolism, add intervals of more intense exercise in between. For instance, if you jog or ride the spinning bike, intersperse all-out bursts of speed in between your slower pace. Begin with intense effort for 30 seconds, and then slow down for a minute and a half. Repeat this cycle around nine to ten times (adding up to around 20 minutes). This will burn calories even hours after your workout. Or you can also choose the vibrating plate for the whole body vibration training.


Incorporate strength training. Shaping your muscles helps increase your body's metabolism at rest. At rest, 1 kilogram of muscle consumes about 13 calories a day, while 1 kilogram of fat consumes only about 4 calories. Although it doesn't look much, the amount of heat consumed during a body break will accumulate over time.Muscles consume more calories than fat. To be precise, every kilogram of muscle consumes 73 calories more per day than fat. Therefore, the more muscles that are shaped, the higher the resting metabolic rate (RMR). Every muscle cell shaped by the body is like a small factory, which constantly consumes heat for you, and also operates when you sleep. It also speeds up the exercise. This is the only way to increase resting metabolic rate, which accounts for 60 to 70% of the total daily calorie consumption in the body.


Losing weight is not easy. In fact, it is one of the hardest things to do for some people. If you try all sorts of diets and promise to go to the gym, but to no avail. Try the above methods to improve your metabolism.


This article mainly writes about the methods of improving metabolism.

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