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How to begin and sticking with exercise?

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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

In life, do you stick to some good habits? Does he help you a lot? How long have you been persisting?

A habit is an action you do frequently and automatically in response to something in your environment. It’s easy to start, but it’s hard to stick,actions are where most people start and stop.

Forming a habit need 21 days or 66 days ?  Neither answer is correct.It depends on the habit you are creating. It depends on your ability to control your immediate environment. It may be possible for you to build a habit in just 18 days, or it may not.If you focus on choosing the right small actions, building the right environment, and using the right small rewards, the habit you build will be stronger and develop faster.

Let start a habit of exercise and stick it !

Regular exercise has been shown to significantly improve your health .

Its greatest benefits include helping you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, maintain muscle mass and reduce your risk of chronic disease. Exercising regularly is one of the best things you can do for your health. Here are some suggestions help you develop your exercise habits better.

Make a Plan and Goal

Once you decide to start exercising regularly, try to create a plan that includes attainable steps and goals.One way to do this is to start with a plan of easy steps to follow. Then you can continue building on it as your fitness level improves.

For example, if your goal is to finish a five-kilometer run, you can start by building a plan that includes shorter runs.

Once you are able to finish those short runs, increase the distance until you can run the whole five kilometers continuously.

Starting with small goals will not only increase your chances of success, it will also keep you motivated every step of the way.


Make It a Habit

Another key component of exercise success is to stick to your routine.

It seems to be easier for people to maintain an exercise routine in the long term if they make it a habit and do it regularly .

A review of studies concluded that replacing an unhealthy behavior with a new healthy habit is a great approach to maintaining it in the long term .

Furthermore, making a schedule or exercising at the same time every day are good ways to sustain your routine and make it last.

For example, you can make exercise a habit by planning to work out right after work every day.


How much exercise every day

For most healthy adults,get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity and do strength training exercises for all major muscle groups at least two times a week.

In the first month of exercise, no matter how bad weather, work overtime or other factors will affect your exercise,please insist exercise every day. Because the first month is a habit to develop.It is essential.

Moderate aerobic exercise includes activities such as brisk walking, swimming and mowing the lawn. Vigorous aerobic exercise includes activities such as running,ride spining bike and aerobic dancing. Strength training can include use of weight machines, your own body weight, resistance tubing or resistance paddles in the water, or activities such as rock climbing.

For a better habit, a good life ,what are you waiting for? Start exercising today!


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