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How to Relax After Fitness

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Many people often have muscle soreness after exercising. Because the intense exercise takes a lot of oxygen. If you don't do the relaxing activities, it will not only affect the oxygen supplement, but also affect the reflux of the venous blood and the delivery of the heart, and even cause temporary anemia such as cerebral anemia and blood pressure. Therefore, relaxing activities are essential after exercise. So how to relax after fitness?



1. Relaxation In Mind

In fact, exercise is a way to vent work stress and negative emotions. Most people will feel the comfort of their minds after exercise. If you are still tired and depressed after fitness, then it is recommended to sit down, calm down, listen to music, drink tea, look at the vision, and let the mind completely relax. A relaxed, pleasant mood will promote the recovery of the body.


2. Physical Relaxation

After strenuous exercise such as spinning bike, a lot of waste (such as lactic acid) produced by energy metabolism is accumulated in the body. Proper pulling and jogging is like starting the power device of the conveyor belt to increase the speed of waste movement and facilitate the discharge of waste. Not only that, but relaxation also includes the proper replenishment of energy. Sweat a lot during exercise and lose a lot of electrolytes, sugar and water. Fitness enthusiasts only replenish water is not enough, electrolytes and sugar supplements are also very important, so you can choose sports drinks. Sports drinks not only can alleviate physical inadequacy, but also have a good taste that can make sports lovers have a very comfortable feeling. In addition, after exercise, you can eat some high-protein foods and some high-carbohydrate foods, because carbohydrates have better insulin-promoting effects, which can accelerate protein absorption. If the proportion of carbohydrates is too low, it may cause the amino acid in the blood to be absorbed slowly, staying in the blood for a long time, but increasing the burden on the kidneys. Choose foods that contain more carbon water, and mix foods with more protein, which is more balanced in nutrition.


3. Muscle relaxation

(1) Hot compress

Soak the towel in hot water and place it on the sore muscles for 15 minutes. Replace it immediately when there is no heat. Hot compress can dilate the blood vessels of sore muscles, improve blood circulation, alleviate muscle spasm, and facilitate the regeneration and repair of damaged tissues.


(2) Massage

Use the kneading technique. The four fingers are close together, the thumb is separated, the palm and fingers are attached to the sore muscle skin. The thumb and the four fingers are used to lift the muscle upwards, along the centripetal direction for rotational movement. Foot massage can also be used. The dorsum of the foot covered with nerve endings is extremely sensitive. Massage on this part can relax the nerves and invigorate the spirit. If you can't judge the corresponding reflex area, you can choose to use foot massager machine for comprehensive foot massage. The foot massager can gently relieve pain and restore the vitality of fatigued feet.


(3) Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises can not only help prevent pain, but also alleviate existing delayed pain. Excessive intensity may further damage connective tissue. Static stretching in stretching exercises is a simple and effective method. Time of static stretching is not too long, there should be rest in the middle to facilitate the smooth flow of blood.



Relaxing after fitness is a buffering and finishing process that can help the various systems of the human body transition from a state of motion to a relatively quiet state.

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