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How Massage Helps Relieve Anxiety

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Occasionally we feel anxious. Fear and worry sometimes accompany us all day long, making it difficult for us to relax and enjoy happiness. Sometimes, when the cause of our anxiety suddenly disappears, the anxiety will naturally disappear. But for many people, anxiety is always there, making life dull.


1. What is anxiety and the cause of anxiety?

Anxiety is more than occasionally feeling anxious. Generalized anxiety disorder is a mental health disorder. It usually develops gradually but can manifest at any age, commonly between childhood and middle age. People with anxiety worry excessively and persistently about any number of things — money, health, family, work and more. Anxiety can range from mild to debilitating and may prevent those affected from enjoying social situations, pursuing work advancements, traveling or trying in new experiences.


2. How can massage help alleviate anxiety?

Anxiety is often treated with cognitive behavioral therapy, medication or a combination of the two. But alternative therapies are increasingly being considered for treating anxiety, and massage is proving effective.


The Mayo Clinic reports a 60-minute massage can lower cortisol, the stress hormone, by up to 30 percent after just one session. A study published in the journal Depression and Anxiety found participants who received regular massage therapy for 12 weeks had a 50 percent reduction in anxiety symptoms. And the benefits weren't short-lived either. Symptom reduction remained at 50 percent at the 26-week mark even after the therapy had ended.


In addition to its calming effects, massage therapy can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, including muscle tension and sleep disturbances. Experts recommend going in with an open mind and not talking or thinking about any sources of worry during the foot massage.


3. Is there any other way to help alleviate anxiety?

(1) Cognitive behavioral therapy

This is a type of psychotherapy that can help you learn different ways of thinking, behaving or reacting to anxiety-inducing situations. Part of your treatment plan may include exposure therapy that involves confronting fearful situations, which is particularly effective in people who have a social anxiety disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be conducted individually or in a small group setting.


(2) Physical exercise

Studies show that people who exercise regularly have lower anxiety. Exercise can promote blood circulation and more secretion. Try the following exercises:

1) Aerobic exercises such as spinning bike, walking, running and swimming.

2) Strengthen muscle strength training.

3) Yoga and vibration plate.


(3) Everyday stress-management

Certain cold medications have been found to exacerbate anxiety symptoms, so check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking anything new. Medication is often used at the start of anxiety treatment to help get symptoms under control, in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy or when other treatments fail. Prescriptions commonly used to treat anxiety include anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and beta-blockers.


(4) Food therapy

Do not eat foods that cause anxiety. This type of food must be eaten less, which helps to calm down and maintain a stable heart rate. Usually eat some food that can regulate your mood. In addition to eating more fruits, vegetables, whole-grain foods and lean meats to keep fit, there are some foods that can regulate mood. For example, acai berry, blueberry and other foods containing antioxidants, which can not only detoxify the body, but also greatly alleviate anxiety. And foods rich in magnesium and potassium are natural antihypertensive foods, such as nuts, dark chocolate and bananas.



Don't let anxiety affect the life. Get started on the path toward reduced anxiety by the foot massage machine, and talk to the doctor about other therapies that might be right.

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