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Does riding a spinning bike make your legs thicker?

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Spinning bike is a popular fitness equipment. Many people will worry that the calf will become thicker after riding a spinning bike, so does riding a spinning bike make your legs thicker?



1. Why do some people feel that the legs become thicker when riding a spinning bike?

Appropriate riding a spinning bike has the effect of skinny calves, and excessive intensity may make the calf thicker. Generally speaking, when the calf fat increases, or the calf muscle increases will cause the calf to become thicker. The reason why riding a spinning bike causes the calf to become thicker is that the muscles of the lower leg are increased. If the strength is too large when riding a spinning bike, entering the state of anaerobic exercise, the muscle fibers of the target muscle group can be destroyed, and the destroyed muscle fibers can be repaired and re-increased by absorbing nutrients, thus increasing the muscle and causing the calf to become thicker. What’s more, it is difficult for women to increase calf muscles when riding a spinning bike. Because hormone secretion is less than that of men, which is not conducive to muscle growth. Men have innate advantages, male hormone secretion is higher than female, the same intensity of riding a spinning cycling men are more conducive to muscle.



2. How to prevent the legs from getting thicker?

1) Correct Cycling Posture

Before starting, we should first adjust the seat height to the hip position to ensure that the pedal is upright and the legs and feet can be in a vertical position. In the process of exercise, when treading on the pedal, it uses the forefoot sole for treading, not the other parts of the foot sole. Remember to dial for five minutes before and after cycling to do the stretching of the lower leg, not only to avoid injury during exercise, but also to help the leg muscles line more even.


2) Pay Attention to Stretching

Stretching should be done before exercise to avoid strains or sprains caused by muscle stiffness, so that our body can adapt slowly to the state of motion. The stretching should be comprehensive, not only the arms and legs. Shoulders, back, abdomen, arms, legs, these parts should be stretched for 15-30 seconds. But at the same time, you need to pay attention to the stretching time should be appropriate, do not use too much force on a certain part. Stretching should be done step by step, gradually increasing the strength. Slowly stop when the muscles feel tense. Do not cause unnecessary harm to the body.


3. Is spinning bike aerobic or anaerobic?

As far as dynamic bicycle is concerned, you can understand it as a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Because it not only meets the requirements of aerobic exercise, but also meets the requirements of anaerobic exercise. In the sprint stage of dynamic bicycle, it belongs to anaerobic exercise.


4. How to exercise to increase muscles?

In order to increase the muscle, it must destroy the muscle fibers of the target muscle group, so that the destroyed muscle fibers can be repaired and increased by absorbing nutrients, so as to increase the muscle. And this kind of movement that destroys human muscle fibers is mainly anaerobic exercise.


Spin bike is a great sport. Choose the correct cycling posture to ride and professional coach's guidance. Let’s begin to exercise together.

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