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Benefits of foot massage

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After a long walk or standing, our feet deserve a good rest, too. It's also the easiest and cheapest way to relax. No wonder foot massage has been a legend since ancient times.

Of course, everyone likes a good foot massage. What's more, simple foot reflexology can be good for your health, too. A few minutes of rubbing, kneading and pressing your feet can improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and combat depression and anxiety. While not all the benefits are immediate, as long as you stick to them every week, they can make a difference.

Here are the benefits of a foot massage:

1. Improve blood circulation

Generally speaking, the body temperature and blood circulation have a close relationship, hypothermia blood circulation is also lower, the body temperature rises blood circulation also exuberant. Pedicure can improve foot blood circulation, increase skin temperature, thereby promoting foot and body blood circulation; Improved cardiac function and reduced cardiac load. It has been tested that when a healthy person massages their feet for 30 minutes, their overall blood flow increases 10-13 times for women and 13-18 times for men. It can be seen that hot water pedicure can make blood circulation smooth and improve.

2. Boost your metabolism

Pedicure promotes the blood circulation of foot ministry and whole body, because of the increase of blood circulation quantity, regulate each endocrine gland to secrete various hormones thereby, such as thyroid hormone secreted by thyroid gland, adrenal hormone secreted by adrenal gland and so on, these hormones can promote metabolism.

3. Eliminate fatigue

When a body organ function is not normal or diseased, due to the impact of pathological reflex, the blood circulation of the foot is more poor, more prone to sediment. Athlete is in after a day of acuteness motion, the lactic acid that contains 30 milligram on average in every kilogram blood, massage double sufficient after 30 minutes, undertake collect blood to check, decline about 5 milligram, pass time of a paragraph of sufficient bath, the lactic acid in blood decreases 20 milligram or so, restore the level of lactic acid in the blood when feeling fatigue almost. It can be seen that hot water pedicure is the most effective way to eliminate physical fatigue.

4. Get better sleep

Foot has rich nerve endings and capillaries, the foot has gentle and good stimulation effect to nerve and capillaries. This kind of lukewarm heat stimulates reflex to cerebral cortex, have inhibitory effect to cerebral cortex, it is exciting sympathetic nerve changes smoothly to parasympathetic nerve. After parasympathetic nerve is excited, right now the person is in quiet rest state, improve morpheus thereby, eliminate insomnia.

5. Health and beauty regimen

Nourish and protect the brain. Through pedicure, you can regulate meridians and qi and blood. At the same time, the foot blood vessel dilates, the blood volume increases, thus causes the head blood flow to accelerate, promptly sufficient replenishment brain needs the oxygen and the nutrient substance.

6. Long-term appropriate massage, diabetes, kidney disease and other chronic diseases beneficial treatment.

But foot massage is not suitable for everyone, is not blind foot massage is good, we also need to pay attention to:

1, Foot massage is not more pain is better, too hard will lead to subcutaneous injury, the best strength is between no pain and pain, a little pain just enough strength.

2, The foot massage time is not the longer the better, recommended each time longer than 15 minutes, but the maximum length of not more than an hour.

3, Yongquan point, taibai point, taichong point is often massage three acupoints, but if you can not find points, it doesn't matter, put on socks to step on the uneven finger press board can also play the role of massage.

4, After the meal after an hour to do massage, summer massage, do not immediately after blowing feet to the fan.

By the way, you don't have to go to a massage parlor to get a foot massage.The following methods can also be used for foot massage:

1, Foot massage cushion, when there is no time to go to massage shop, no one in the home can help massage the foot, foot massage cushion can come in handy, can be placed in the sitting room, bedroom, balcony, bathroom, gym and other places, and enjoy life, massage, not only use method is simple, and not by site, climate and time limitation.

2, The sole of the foot beats the percussion machine, its front and back have a lot of uneven points, thrashing the sole of the foot, also have the effect of massage, can adjust the intensity according to the demand.

3,Buy a foot massager so you can get a massage at home.

Foot massage has a lot of benefits, in life often massage foot can help us better protect the health of the body, reduce the incidence of disease, and can help us relax the body, ease the fatigue of the body, can be said to be a multi-killing health method.

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